***The lead mover/driver position and supervisor position applicants will also need to answer the driver questions.  A valid drivers license is required for the lead mover/driver and supervisor positions.  Not required for the lead mover/passenger.

Current positions available in HILLIARD OHIO and SPRINGDALE OHIO:

***average 1st year earnings (pay, bonus, tips) per position if working full time:
Supervisor (drivers license required):  42k-50k
Lead Mover/Driver (drivers license required):  35k-42k
Driver (drivers license required):  32k-35k
Lead Mover/Passenger: 30k-32k
Passenger:  28k-30k

***NO PHONE CALLS.  Please use the application below. 

NEW HIGHER PAY RATES AS OF 7/26/20!!!  Some of the ads do not have the new rates.  The correct rates are listed on the application: